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In this day and age, I've asked myself many times “What has happened to the customer service that should be respectfully offered by businesses?” My husband and I own our own business and we pride ourselves on providing this commitment to our customers. However, when the tables are turned and we are the customer, our impression is often to feel taken advantage of and not respected. This is NOT the case with David Villmow and CMS!  Thank you!

I sincerely cannot say enough good things about David Villmow and CMS. We have trusted David with 2 separate transactions within the past year and in both instances he has worked ‘overtime’ and without complaint regarding our needs. This truly is an A++ company with the very best employees making their company shine! Thank you!

I gladly spread the word about CMS because I know that there are many others’ who are in need of good quality compassionate care for their financial needs.
I was so fortunate to meet David and work with him. When 2014 rolled around we needed him again and he was immediately ready to assist us moving in lightening speed to get the job done fast and without snags and hair pulling frustrations.  Thank you!

If you need financial instruction and services do not for a moment hesitate to contact David Villmow at CMS. He is an honorable part of the Credit Management Solutions' family who truly has the customer’s best interest at heart. Thank you!



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